Monday, February 8, 2010

sad scene... =(

i jus attended a funeral function this morning... it was really a sad scene.. one of our band member's dad passed away.. we went to pay our respect to him.. i didn't feel anything at first because i have attended quite a number of funeral function.. but tis time, it rily strike me... when we get down from the bus, i can see people crying already.. we went into the house to pay our respect and play a few songs... Al-Vin stand in front there and played last rose of summer for his dad... the last time he's gonna play for his dad.. it was rily sad i can see everyone started crying the moment Al-Vin played that song.. my god~ tears started flowing from my eyes.. i kept telling myself nt to cry.. luckily, i was able to hold back my tears.. gosh~ den, we stand outside there.. waiting.. waiting.. and waiting.. den suddenly, i heard people crying again.. Al-Vin's sister.. calling his dad nt to leave them behind.. Ouch~ this time, my tears rily started flowing edi.. no way that i could hold it.. sad.. may Al-Vin's dad's soul rest in peace... hope Al-Vin is ok..

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