Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saint Anthony's School Band ~ SASB

woah~ we jus finished our very own concert yesterday nite and it was a great success for me.. haha.. *cheer for everyone* has been practising for almost half year jus for tat two hours show.. i was once a convent band ex-member.. so, decided to join SASB when i'm in St. Anthony.. haha.. bt, nw.. i guess i hav to quit edi.. no more band.. STPM's coming, busy time is awaiting.. >.<>wish them luck for the upcoming formation + competition!~ all the best.. haha.. i will surely miss all of them.. WOOHOO~

Friday, January 8, 2010

crazy nite!~

well, we planned to watch AVATAR in cinema tonight... thx to mr.keng mun.. i din get to watch it because he din buy the ticket.. ARGHH.. we thought there's ticket available but in fact, all sold out in the afternoon.. =,=! i reached cinema around 9 something.. they were waiting outside the cinema.. no.. i should say lepak outside the cinema coz ticket sold out.. hahaha.. everyone was vry excited at first but it turn out to b something disappointing.. we went McD after that, our usual lepak place.. CHOCO TOP time.. yay!~ we assigned kevin to go and buy 6 choco tops... muahahaha.. pity him.. jadi maid pula.. later that, zhen yang start to bising.. he said he vry sien and wanna go CC.. poh sheen is the first to reject.. haha.. so, we ended up in "lok lok"... poh sheen's good precious suggestion.. she had been craving for it since long time ago.. and tonight, kevin has a new nickname from me... he's GIRAFFEE now and no more mickey mouse... hahaha... although ended up with disappointment, i still have a great time with u all.. keng mun, zhen yang, kevin, woon fong, poh sheen, eric, weng lee! haha..

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Concerto d'Amore

alrite.. so, i'm back to blog again.. haha.. tis time nothing much to write.. it's an advertisement.. to people out there, Saint Anthony's School Band will be organising a concert.. please do come and support us.. each ticket costs RM20. if anyone is interested contact me ya! 016-5195309.. thanx!~ :)