Wednesday, December 23, 2009

what the hell am i doing?

i dn want school to reopen.. i dn want to face the fact that i will be having a major exam as soon as the school reopens.. i'm just not ready for the big challenge to strike me. i hate sitting in front of the study table and study! biology, chemistry, maths, PA.. crap man.. my dad has been pushing me hoping that i would get better result.. yea.. i do make him proud when i was having SPM. i shouldn't have get such a good result during my SPM.. AWHH.. crap.. now, he has even higher expectations towards me which is a real huge pressure to me... STPM is so difficult.. it was not easy like what i had expected.. NO! i'm freaked out whenever i open a book and study... all those biology and chemistry facts just wouldn't get into my mind... wtf.. this thing has been bugging me for so long and i just want to get rid of it as soon as possible! perhaps this gonna be the turning point for my life.. and i seriously hav to think about it... ARGHHH... i'm gonna be crazy... real soon.. i need a breakkk.. seriously..

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