Wednesday, December 23, 2009


well, recently, everyone's around me starts to emo... i dunno why is this happening.. emo cox of their loved ones.. oh yea.. everyone does that even i myself did it.. haha.. but that was last time.. seldom emo nowadays.. i'm in no time of doing that man.. lots of homework awaiting me.. dying.. neway, christmas is jus around the corner and its christmas eve 2nite.. OMG! i'm so excited!~ haha.. psheen jus text me that there's christmas celebration 2nite in wesley methodist church... owh yea! still thinking whether to go or not.. haha.. so, to my frens out there who are emo-ing recently.. don't emo too much cox that'll make u looks older.. haha.. crap.. jus GET GOING man.. lots of fun out there... haha.. MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! xOxO

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