Friday, December 18, 2009

19th National Lasallian Leaders' Convention

woohoo~ i'm back! 19th NLLC is the best camp i had ever attend! i had learn quite a number of things there...hehe.. i'm more mature now... oh yea.. i am.. met a lot of frens there n i love all of them.. I MISS YOU ALL! haha.. Lasallians ROCK! i was so damn excited the nite before i went to NLLC.. haha.. we went there by bus of course and hav to walk 20 minutes to reach La Salle Centre.. my god, i was sweating like dunno what and the weather was killing me.. Zzz.. alright, den we went out to lunch with a bunch of friendly and crazy ppl.. ahahaha... *drums* people from St. Xavier's Institution... Yay!~ having so much fun and laughters with them.. 6 days 5 nights camp ain't enough for me eh.. i wish i could have more time spending with them.. haha.. workshops and sessions do help us.. and reflection.. brandon hates reflection a lot cox he'll cry.. ahahaha.. no offence brandon.. =P well, nothing much to write edi.. haha.. it's all memories to me now!

i miss everyone in the convention! keep in touch ya! :)

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