Wednesday, December 23, 2009


well, recently, everyone's around me starts to emo... i dunno why is this happening.. emo cox of their loved ones.. oh yea.. everyone does that even i myself did it.. haha.. but that was last time.. seldom emo nowadays.. i'm in no time of doing that man.. lots of homework awaiting me.. dying.. neway, christmas is jus around the corner and its christmas eve 2nite.. OMG! i'm so excited!~ haha.. psheen jus text me that there's christmas celebration 2nite in wesley methodist church... owh yea! still thinking whether to go or not.. haha.. so, to my frens out there who are emo-ing recently.. don't emo too much cox that'll make u looks older.. haha.. crap.. jus GET GOING man.. lots of fun out there... haha.. MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! xOxO

what the hell am i doing?

i dn want school to reopen.. i dn want to face the fact that i will be having a major exam as soon as the school reopens.. i'm just not ready for the big challenge to strike me. i hate sitting in front of the study table and study! biology, chemistry, maths, PA.. crap man.. my dad has been pushing me hoping that i would get better result.. yea.. i do make him proud when i was having SPM. i shouldn't have get such a good result during my SPM.. AWHH.. crap.. now, he has even higher expectations towards me which is a real huge pressure to me... STPM is so difficult.. it was not easy like what i had expected.. NO! i'm freaked out whenever i open a book and study... all those biology and chemistry facts just wouldn't get into my mind... wtf.. this thing has been bugging me for so long and i just want to get rid of it as soon as possible! perhaps this gonna be the turning point for my life.. and i seriously hav to think about it... ARGHHH... i'm gonna be crazy... real soon.. i need a breakkk.. seriously..

Friday, December 18, 2009

19th National Lasallian Leaders' Convention

woohoo~ i'm back! 19th NLLC is the best camp i had ever attend! i had learn quite a number of things there...hehe.. i'm more mature now... oh yea.. i am.. met a lot of frens there n i love all of them.. I MISS YOU ALL! haha.. Lasallians ROCK! i was so damn excited the nite before i went to NLLC.. haha.. we went there by bus of course and hav to walk 20 minutes to reach La Salle Centre.. my god, i was sweating like dunno what and the weather was killing me.. Zzz.. alright, den we went out to lunch with a bunch of friendly and crazy ppl.. ahahaha... *drums* people from St. Xavier's Institution... Yay!~ having so much fun and laughters with them.. 6 days 5 nights camp ain't enough for me eh.. i wish i could have more time spending with them.. haha.. workshops and sessions do help us.. and reflection.. brandon hates reflection a lot cox he'll cry.. ahahaha.. no offence brandon.. =P well, nothing much to write edi.. haha.. it's all memories to me now!

i miss everyone in the convention! keep in touch ya! :)