Wednesday, November 11, 2009

= Parliament Trip =

laughter is d best medicine!~ LOL
+ US +

me n eveee... :)

*woots* posing there.. haha

woohoo~ we're going to parliament 2day.. haha.. excited feeling came rushing down.. haven been there before.. =.='" so, i woke up at 5.45 tis morning... my god.. i was so reluctant to leave my bed n my comforter... yiks* we start our journey at 7 somethin n reach there around 10... went thru d checking thingy n off we went into it.. haha.. nothin really special in there.. went into dewan rakyat and dewan negara.. Zzz.. sitting there for almost an hour watching them to debate... hmm... sleeping mood coming.. haha.. vennesa has been yawning for almost 5 times if i'm nt mistaken.. haha.. next destination ---> KLCC... going there to hav lunch.. we were loitering around... walking here and there.. haha.. after having lunch, 1 more hour left b4 we're going bk.. we had nothing to do.. no mood to go shopping.. tired n lazy to walk.. haha.. finally, we didi something really funny.. taking pics.. SS-ing around.. haha. we had so so much fun man.. being wit my frens is one of my best moments ever.. u guys rockz man!~ haha.. luv u all.. muaxxie.. xoxo..

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