Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Woohoo!~ holidays is here... yay.. i should be happy instead... but honestly i'm not.. no difference to me.. no vacation, no fun, NOTHIN... i'm stucked with all those camps and school activities.. my god.. i'm tired to death... i wanna enjoy with my frens.. i wanna go SHOPPING! the only thing that i'm excited about is THE EXPOSURE PROGRAMME AND THE LA SALLIAN CONVENTION!!! HAHA.. not only me who's excited.. i'm sure eve, pou n every delegates that were involved.. we will be carrying our exposure programme in bagan lipas, a fishing village... LOL.. from 30th Nov onwards, i'll be superb busy.. haha., will hav my exposure programme on 30th Nov- 2nd Dec.. Band camp on 3rd Dec-7th Dec... den La Sallian Convention on 8th Dec- 13th Dec.. PHEW!~ hard one for me.. haha.. will update more when i'm back.. yay.. enjoy ur hols everyone.. HAPPY HOLIDAY!

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