Thursday, September 17, 2009

happy birthday to ME!

* my lovely birthday cake *

* cutie couple.. jia wen n teik leong.. ^^ *

* my bestiee.. vennesa, me, evelyn, poh sheen *

* making wish *
well, i am having my biggest surprise ever yesterday night! i didn't know they were throwing a surprise party on me... my god.. >.<

vennesa text me and said wanted to have dinner with me in glutton square... i agreed and huei ying came and fetch me around 7. 20 p.m... i happily hop into d car thinking that i'll be going 4 karaoke after dinner because this is wat poh sheen told me.. i ordered wantan mee because i'm rily starving edi at tat time.. poh seng's wantan mee + chicken rice stall.. haha.. den my mum started calling n asked me back coz she said wanna go out hav dinner with me... i was like super blurr n i thought i told her i'm nt having dinner with her.. fine, i went home.. the moment i walked into d living room, i saw everyone.. girls were shouting " SURPRISE!" n guys were shouting " HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" i was like so damn surprised and shocked... everyone was there.. i was jumping like dunno wat... too suprised and happy i guess.. haha.. den they started hugging me.. lol.. so damn kam tung.. T.T they were busy preparing food in the afternoon.. haha.. girls were actually cooking man.. cool! really happy and i really appreciate for wat they had done.. i noe u guys had taken a long time to plan this.. hehe...

Poh Sheen, Vennesa, Evelyn, Fiona, Kevin, Woon Fong, Ginger kuang, Jian, Teik Leong, Jia Wen, Huei Ying, Keng Mun, Raymond, Chin Yin, Chun Khoon, Sze Chie...

thank you guys for everything ya.. hehe.. d food tat u guys had prepared were awesome man... hehe.. appreciate it so much.. once again, [ THANK YOU ] love you guys.. muaxxie... frens forever!

n lastly thank you so much to my parents! haha... oscar award should go to them man.. dey were lying to me from the beginning so tat i would have this big surprise party.. haha..


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