Friday, August 28, 2009

my LIFE!

my besttiee... Vennesa.. muaxxie~~
fr left: meiying, evelyn, poh sheen, yong sing, simon, Vennesa, Keng Mun
well, it's been a super long time since the last time i had updated my blog.. hehe... some said my blog is dead, some said it's covered with spider web.. =.=''' but i'm superb busy recently with school's activities and assignmemts.. sigh.. i ended up doin form 6 in SASTI.. i thought my life would b miserable bcoz of this.. but it turned out to b a better life than i had expected.. i have a bunch of new frens.. real best frens... we hang out together, study together.. haha... our friendship grew stronger by each day and i'm glad that i had them with me.. thx ya everyone..

i just wan to write on wat's happening recently... i joined interact.. again... n we jus had our 19th presidential installation... it turned out to b successful although there is unhappiness between it bt it doesn't really matter... it won't affect our friendship and i still appreciate my frens.. i love them and i don't want to lost them... hehe... vennesa suggested to dance WALTZ... wow.. waltz.. when Vennesa let me watched the video of it at first, i was chickened out... in my mind, it's impossible for me to do it.. bt Vennesa said nothing is impossible.. so i trust her and off i went to dance... haha... quite ok and i'm happy with it.. haha... meiying dancing waltz.. so unbelievable.. its a real good experience 4 me though... just wanna apologize to my frens if i had said or did anything wrong that may hurt them.. I'M SORRY... haha... now everything is over and exam is coming... sigh... back to those busy life again.. struggling with my stupid maths again.. haha... TOGETHER WE STRIKE ya everyone.. muaxxie~~ i'll upload more pictures for u guys later.. hehe.. goin out 4 lunch~~

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