Saturday, January 17, 2009

started to miss this n that....

Best Frens... lol.. True Friends are hard to find.. Appreciate ur frens... =)

I'm Yours!! haha..

me, Vennesa n Rosalind... haha.. syok sama sendiri... =.='''

Miss Tang... haha.. we're doin lab work during chemistry classs.. i still remember this experiment.. saponification.. lol.. havin so much fun at tat time...

The photography session... Kerene (band), Rosalind (GB), me (Girl Guide)

*wow* Vennesa n i look so serious ha... muahahaha...

5 Physics 08' - craziest class ever... muahahaha... i do miss all my classmates... keep in touch ya..

As i've said, life in Segamat was relaxing... and therefore i've done a lot of thinking... erm.. perhaps my future, my frens and my family.. i started to miss my schooling times and my frens and most importantly all those crazy acts tat we had done in school... heeeee.. well, i'm studying in 5 Physics... haha... the craziest class in the entire school.. some teacher may like our class but some just hated us so much which i dunno why...most probably because we do not really give any respond to them when they're teaching... haha.. who cares la.. Zzzz... i do have lots of fun in school coz i'm sittin with the Queen of jokes... introducing Vennesa Choi Ee Venn... haha.. i'm sitting with her.. lol.. She is a very good fren of mine... people in the class always describe us as ' the live in their own world pair'.. yea.. we do live in our own world... we dont really care what's happening around us.. haha.. n we are always abandoned by our group members.. huh.. poor thing.. but good also, because of those abandoning stuff, it just help us to get closer to each other... lol.. luv ya, my fren... we're nt abandoned most of the time though.. hehe.. people will start to come n find us n talk especially Rosalind n Kerene... heee... both of them jus luv our place cox Vennesa n i were sitting in the last place of the first row... really strategic.. hehe... i really miss all those talking sessions... Rosalind will always be our target... heeeee... she'll always be the one tat we'll bully.. not exactly bully.. perhaps teasing her.. haha.. we gave her many nicknames.. e.g. camel gatal, keropok-lind, roslinda, rosline... etc.. n most importantly she's really 'chi dun'... haha.. i miss the chemistry teacher too.. miss tang... i do miss her... hehe.. she's the best teacher i've ever seen... she's like a fren of mine.. i started to miss all her chemistry class n all those experiments...... miss the time when i got scolded by her.. haha.. she always call people ' lady'.. lol.. sounds so cute when she said tat.. n her laughter.. most of time we r laughing at her laughter n not her joke.. we always imitate the way she laughs n talks.. haha... nottie ah..

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