Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year Eve

New Year Eve... nothin so special to me.. it might be special to somebody else... i've been puking for the whole day... huh.. =.=''' which i dunno wat's wrong with me.. damn... at nite.. i've nothin to do.. sitting there watchin tv with my baby nephew, Ethan... like he understands anything.. muahahaha.. Kerene call a zillion times asking me out.. haha.. i told her i was real lazy.. bt she still insisted on calling me out.. so, FI-NE.. i went out.. Hou Hou n kerene came and fetch me around 9 somethin.. cant really remember the time.. heeeee.. then, we went to McD, the usual lepak place for us... we just went there for drive-thru.. alright, something funny happening here.. After ordering McFlurry n Sundae cone.. we had to pay.. haha..
Hou Hou : OMG! this girl again... She'll be here as the cashier whenever i came here for
Drive Thru... huh... =.='''

Me n Kerene : Eh, good la.. mayb she'll be wondering y r u always here for Drive Thru..
hahahaha... * grinning *

then, kerene n i was like laughing non stop man.. its really funny when u see Hou Hou's reaction.. haha... after Drive Thru, we went to Polly Watta to meet Jo Ann.. when we reach there, we were so reluctant to get down of the car.. Kerene says there a lot of BLT... muahahaha... we jus call Jo Ann and ask her whether wan to follow us to long kai anot.. she says ok but she wants to go Drive Thru McD... huh... again... Hou Hou is going to meet the girl again.. muahahaha... funny.. after driving Jo An bk to Polly Watta.. we had no other place to go.. we went to En Fang's house... can't believe tat i actually celebrated my new year eve in his house... * speechless* when we got there, they went out edi... we served ourselves.. haha... there's a barbeque party in his house. lol.. we ended up plalying cho dai di.. haha.. i won every round.. muahahaha.. Philip was like, walao so geng ah... haha.. he always lose to me.. lol.. no offence ya, Philip.. after several rounds, i gave my place to hui bing.. lol.. havin so much fun with they all.. thanks to Kerene, You Wei, Boon, Philip n hui bing...

Lastly, wishing everyone.....


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