Sunday, January 18, 2009

Life and Death

Everyone must be thinkin that i am CRAZY because i'm talkin bout death.. i just came across with this documentary... quite interesting because it teaches u to deal with death and everything.. the first thing that the host said was " what is that to be afraid of?" ... well, i asked myself many times.. yea.. what is that to be afraid of? perhaps, we're afraid of life after death.. its either HELL or HEAVEN... haha.. everyone wanted to be in heaven.. who doesn't? but its not that easy to be in heaven.. its not that u go to church every Sunday, read the bible everyday.. u're going to heaven.. no... there are many more things to do in order to be in heaven.. heeeee... so, everyone.. think about it... has anybody ever thought of donating their organs to somebody else who needed it when they are dead? lol.. i dunno.. perhaps i will.. heeee... what for do you need all those organ when you're going to be buried six feet underground?hehe.. might as well donate it and help others who may needed it... lol.. i noe i'm totally crazy to have thought of all these.... hehe.. believe in God and appreciate everything... and and and LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!! =)

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Anonymous said...

Hey, just found out your blog.
Quite an interesting topic, there are actually more to deliberate on, and as the saying goes Live your life to the fullest, cause everyone dies but not everyone really lives =)