Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm in Segamat!

havin a durian feast! haha...
Me n Hui Yee... pretty rite?

Me, Hui Yee, n Loke.... =P

This is the country club... heeeee..... =.='''

Well, wat was i supposed to write? erm.. perhaps some happy moments i had in Segamat... hehe.. Let me introduce to u guys.. Segamat is located in the upper part of Johor... The last time when i came here was like 3 years ago... wow.. nvr been here for quite sometime.. hehe... Well, this place had actually brought many happy moments to me especially the club... bt all these had been the past... i can only keep it in my heart.. i guess.. not much difference in Segamat including the club.. hmm.. *disappointing* still the old club without any renovation or upgrade.. hehe.. bt, i've known a bunch of frens here.. they are real nice n fun to talk with.. they are non other than Hui Yee, Loke, Aik Kuan, Angel and Maria... hehe.. nice to meet u all ya! Life in Segamat is really relaxing.. huh.. everyday doing the same old thing.. kind of my routine life.. hehe.. working, badminton, mahjong.. haha.. this is wat we cal life.. kinda enjoying too especially the mahjong session.. muahahaha.. other than Segamat.. I went to Melaka too.. hehe.. Hui Yee suggested that.. kinda cool ha.. we went there for shopping and lepak there.. hehe.. erm.. we went to Mahkota Parade n Dataran Pahlawan.. n Kota A Famosa too... muahahaha... actually, Loke said wanna go to the Eye On Malaysia.. yea.. Eye On Malaysia is now in Melaka.. bt, we dun hav much time.. we prefer shopping... lol.. really happy on tat day.. enjoying myself so much man.. hehe.. after coming back form Melaka.. We went to the railway station in Segamat.. there's a famous nasi lemak stall la.. hehe.. people told me about it,.. and off we went.. hehe.. yea.. its really delicious.. so, everyone.. if u happen to come to Segamat, try the nasi lemak.. hehe.. i think that's enough for this post... lol.. once again nice to meet u all, my new frens.. muax.. =)

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