Wednesday, December 23, 2009


well, recently, everyone's around me starts to emo... i dunno why is this happening.. emo cox of their loved ones.. oh yea.. everyone does that even i myself did it.. haha.. but that was last time.. seldom emo nowadays.. i'm in no time of doing that man.. lots of homework awaiting me.. dying.. neway, christmas is jus around the corner and its christmas eve 2nite.. OMG! i'm so excited!~ haha.. psheen jus text me that there's christmas celebration 2nite in wesley methodist church... owh yea! still thinking whether to go or not.. haha.. so, to my frens out there who are emo-ing recently.. don't emo too much cox that'll make u looks older.. haha.. crap.. jus GET GOING man.. lots of fun out there... haha.. MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! xOxO

what the hell am i doing?

i dn want school to reopen.. i dn want to face the fact that i will be having a major exam as soon as the school reopens.. i'm just not ready for the big challenge to strike me. i hate sitting in front of the study table and study! biology, chemistry, maths, PA.. crap man.. my dad has been pushing me hoping that i would get better result.. yea.. i do make him proud when i was having SPM. i shouldn't have get such a good result during my SPM.. AWHH.. crap.. now, he has even higher expectations towards me which is a real huge pressure to me... STPM is so difficult.. it was not easy like what i had expected.. NO! i'm freaked out whenever i open a book and study... all those biology and chemistry facts just wouldn't get into my mind... wtf.. this thing has been bugging me for so long and i just want to get rid of it as soon as possible! perhaps this gonna be the turning point for my life.. and i seriously hav to think about it... ARGHHH... i'm gonna be crazy... real soon.. i need a breakkk.. seriously..

Friday, December 18, 2009

19th National Lasallian Leaders' Convention

woohoo~ i'm back! 19th NLLC is the best camp i had ever attend! i had learn quite a number of things there...hehe.. i'm more mature now... oh yea.. i am.. met a lot of frens there n i love all of them.. I MISS YOU ALL! haha.. Lasallians ROCK! i was so damn excited the nite before i went to NLLC.. haha.. we went there by bus of course and hav to walk 20 minutes to reach La Salle Centre.. my god, i was sweating like dunno what and the weather was killing me.. Zzz.. alright, den we went out to lunch with a bunch of friendly and crazy ppl.. ahahaha... *drums* people from St. Xavier's Institution... Yay!~ having so much fun and laughters with them.. 6 days 5 nights camp ain't enough for me eh.. i wish i could have more time spending with them.. haha.. workshops and sessions do help us.. and reflection.. brandon hates reflection a lot cox he'll cry.. ahahaha.. no offence brandon.. =P well, nothing much to write edi.. haha.. it's all memories to me now!

i miss everyone in the convention! keep in touch ya! :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Woohoo!~ holidays is here... yay.. i should be happy instead... but honestly i'm not.. no difference to me.. no vacation, no fun, NOTHIN... i'm stucked with all those camps and school activities.. my god.. i'm tired to death... i wanna enjoy with my frens.. i wanna go SHOPPING! the only thing that i'm excited about is THE EXPOSURE PROGRAMME AND THE LA SALLIAN CONVENTION!!! HAHA.. not only me who's excited.. i'm sure eve, pou n every delegates that were involved.. we will be carrying our exposure programme in bagan lipas, a fishing village... LOL.. from 30th Nov onwards, i'll be superb busy.. haha., will hav my exposure programme on 30th Nov- 2nd Dec.. Band camp on 3rd Dec-7th Dec... den La Sallian Convention on 8th Dec- 13th Dec.. PHEW!~ hard one for me.. haha.. will update more when i'm back.. yay.. enjoy ur hols everyone.. HAPPY HOLIDAY!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

special feeling!~

i used to like you before this and it took me such a long time to forget you... i thought i could forget you but actually NO... you will always stuck in my head.. perhaps i should just let go and i noe there's no ending for both of us.. eventhough i saw you today, i had nothing to talk.... but that kind of feeling is really weird.. you've changed! a lot more from the first time i knew you.. the way you talk and acted were different from last time.. haha.. i don't hav the feeling anymore.. i dun even want to talk to you.. maybe after so many years, i can now fully forget about the past.. live my life to the fullest and forget the past... YAY!~

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

YOU'RE NOT SORRY by taylor swift

jus fell in love with tis song recently... those lyrics were awesome! wanna share it with you all.. haha..

All this time I was wasting hoping you would come around
I’ve been giving out chances everytime and all you do is let me down
And its taking me this long but baby I figured
And you think it will be fine again but not this time around you out

You don’t have to call anymore
I won’t pick up the phone
This is the last straw
Don’t want to hurt anymore
And you can tell me that you’re sorry
But I won’t believe you baby like I did before
You’re not sorry no more, no more, no

Lookin’ so innocent
I might believe you if I didn’t know
Could’a loved you all my life
If you hadn’t left me waiting in the cold
And you got your share of secrets
And I’m tired of being last to know
And now you’re asking me to listen
Cuz its worked each time before

But you don’t have to call anymore
I won’t pick up the phone
This is the last straw
Don’t want to hurt anymore
And you can tell me that you’re sorry
But I don’t believe you baby like I did before
You’re not sorry no no no noo
You’re not sorry no no no noo

You had me calling for you honey
And it never would’ve gone away no
You use to shine so bright
But I watched our love it fade

So you don’t have to call anymore
I won’t pick up the phone
This is the last straw
There’s nothing left to beg for
And you can tell me that you’re sorry
But I won’t believe you baby like I did before...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

= Parliament Trip =

laughter is d best medicine!~ LOL
+ US +

me n eveee... :)

*woots* posing there.. haha

woohoo~ we're going to parliament 2day.. haha.. excited feeling came rushing down.. haven been there before.. =.='" so, i woke up at 5.45 tis morning... my god.. i was so reluctant to leave my bed n my comforter... yiks* we start our journey at 7 somethin n reach there around 10... went thru d checking thingy n off we went into it.. haha.. nothin really special in there.. went into dewan rakyat and dewan negara.. Zzz.. sitting there for almost an hour watching them to debate... hmm... sleeping mood coming.. haha.. vennesa has been yawning for almost 5 times if i'm nt mistaken.. haha.. next destination ---> KLCC... going there to hav lunch.. we were loitering around... walking here and there.. haha.. after having lunch, 1 more hour left b4 we're going bk.. we had nothing to do.. no mood to go shopping.. tired n lazy to walk.. haha.. finally, we didi something really funny.. taking pics.. SS-ing around.. haha. we had so so much fun man.. being wit my frens is one of my best moments ever.. u guys rockz man!~ haha.. luv u all.. muaxxie.. xoxo..

Sunday, November 8, 2009

happy birthday to VENNESA!

* vennesa*

haPpY !8th BiRthDaY tO U!~
may all your dreams come true... hehe.. hope u really have a memorable birthday today... jus want u to b happy.. sorry ya.. i din noe tat u want tat actually bt it turn out to b a different want.. so sorry.. forgive me ya? hehe.. once again.. hav a happy sweet 18th man.. u rock.. luv ya.. muaxxie.. =)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

happy birthday, HUEI YING!

i promised you to write you tis special blog.. muahahaha... i kept my promise though.. sorry ya because i'm quite busy with school's stuff.. u saw it yourself right how busy am i? haha.. so, dn angry ya...

jus wanna wish u HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY... may all ur dreams cum true and god bless you my dear fren!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

happy birthday to ME!

* my lovely birthday cake *

* cutie couple.. jia wen n teik leong.. ^^ *

* my bestiee.. vennesa, me, evelyn, poh sheen *

* making wish *
well, i am having my biggest surprise ever yesterday night! i didn't know they were throwing a surprise party on me... my god.. >.<

vennesa text me and said wanted to have dinner with me in glutton square... i agreed and huei ying came and fetch me around 7. 20 p.m... i happily hop into d car thinking that i'll be going 4 karaoke after dinner because this is wat poh sheen told me.. i ordered wantan mee because i'm rily starving edi at tat time.. poh seng's wantan mee + chicken rice stall.. haha.. den my mum started calling n asked me back coz she said wanna go out hav dinner with me... i was like super blurr n i thought i told her i'm nt having dinner with her.. fine, i went home.. the moment i walked into d living room, i saw everyone.. girls were shouting " SURPRISE!" n guys were shouting " HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" i was like so damn surprised and shocked... everyone was there.. i was jumping like dunno wat... too suprised and happy i guess.. haha.. den they started hugging me.. lol.. so damn kam tung.. T.T they were busy preparing food in the afternoon.. haha.. girls were actually cooking man.. cool! really happy and i really appreciate for wat they had done.. i noe u guys had taken a long time to plan this.. hehe...

Poh Sheen, Vennesa, Evelyn, Fiona, Kevin, Woon Fong, Ginger kuang, Jian, Teik Leong, Jia Wen, Huei Ying, Keng Mun, Raymond, Chin Yin, Chun Khoon, Sze Chie...

thank you guys for everything ya.. hehe.. d food tat u guys had prepared were awesome man... hehe.. appreciate it so much.. once again, [ THANK YOU ] love you guys.. muaxxie... frens forever!

n lastly thank you so much to my parents! haha... oscar award should go to them man.. dey were lying to me from the beginning so tat i would have this big surprise party.. haha..


Sunday, September 6, 2009

life ain't easy....

i just feel like killing myself right now.. i'm so confuse of my feeling... i have been struggling for months... he just wouldn't blurt it out although its so damn obvious... he take no action and i'm rily sad... what should i do? T.T

Friday, August 28, 2009

my LIFE!

my besttiee... Vennesa.. muaxxie~~
fr left: meiying, evelyn, poh sheen, yong sing, simon, Vennesa, Keng Mun
well, it's been a super long time since the last time i had updated my blog.. hehe... some said my blog is dead, some said it's covered with spider web.. =.=''' but i'm superb busy recently with school's activities and assignmemts.. sigh.. i ended up doin form 6 in SASTI.. i thought my life would b miserable bcoz of this.. but it turned out to b a better life than i had expected.. i have a bunch of new frens.. real best frens... we hang out together, study together.. haha... our friendship grew stronger by each day and i'm glad that i had them with me.. thx ya everyone..

i just wan to write on wat's happening recently... i joined interact.. again... n we jus had our 19th presidential installation... it turned out to b successful although there is unhappiness between it bt it doesn't really matter... it won't affect our friendship and i still appreciate my frens.. i love them and i don't want to lost them... hehe... vennesa suggested to dance WALTZ... wow.. waltz.. when Vennesa let me watched the video of it at first, i was chickened out... in my mind, it's impossible for me to do it.. bt Vennesa said nothing is impossible.. so i trust her and off i went to dance... haha... quite ok and i'm happy with it.. haha... meiying dancing waltz.. so unbelievable.. its a real good experience 4 me though... just wanna apologize to my frens if i had said or did anything wrong that may hurt them.. I'M SORRY... haha... now everything is over and exam is coming... sigh... back to those busy life again.. struggling with my stupid maths again.. haha... TOGETHER WE STRIKE ya everyone.. muaxxie~~ i'll upload more pictures for u guys later.. hehe.. goin out 4 lunch~~

Thursday, April 23, 2009



kerene's brilliant idea... i kinda like tis pic.. haha..

4 of us taking pics in the middle of the sea... ooops...

from left: wei xuan, vennesa, mean hon, fiona, me and kerene... haha...

magnificent scenery... huh... peaceful and serene.. beautiful sunset....

Well, it's been a really long time since the last time i had updated my blog.. was really busy + i'm quite lazy to update... heeee... many things happpened in these few months time.. wasn't really sure whether its good or not.. hmm.. i went to pangkor with my frens, got my SPM results... and now i'm so so so confused bout my future... huh.. my sis said i'm a crazy woman.. yea.. i am.. haha.. i'm now so desperately waiting for JPA scholarship... i'm gonna be crazy soon... =.='''
i went to pangkor on the 10th of march and came back on the 12th... muaahaha.. SPM result coming out on the 12th.. wow.. *crossing my fingers* so, it was kinda fun in pangkor.. haha.. Fiona and my imagination jus gone wild on that day.. lol.. u understand what i mean rite, fiona? nothing really special in pangkor.. we just went to tis boat trip which really took my breath off.. fuh.. the scenery was magnificent.. haha.. we played on the beach of cox and went snorkelling.. heeee... the uncle was fun.. bsides, we met a bunch of frens there too.. haha.. from sitiawan.. it was real crazy when everyone was shouting on the boat.. the sky look as though it was going to rain... my god.. i wish to get off the boat and just stay in the hotel... i prayed really hard that anything wont happened to us and i thanked God that we came back safe... haha... after the boat trip we were all exhausted... huh.. it was really tiring.. i had fun anyway..
we're going back on the 12th and SPM results are coming out on that day... i just couldn't sit still on that day... was really scare.. we did not even had our breakfast and rushing back to TI... there's silence in the car when we're on our way back.. haha.. not even one of us blurted a word man.. OMG!! it was really scary and i'm super nervous.. woo~ i walked here and there in the house.. kept imagining the scene when i had my result... its either bad or good.. i went to school and i saw all my frens there... weiting n ainie were hugging each other.. haha... i was twitching my fingers.. dorinna came and said.. " don't need to be nervous, i noe u can "... huh... Lee Mei Ying... Cik Balkis called my name.. i was really reluctant to walk over there... hmmm... i sat and signed some documents and she was telling me bout thos ACCA stuffs... i dunno wats tat as i'm not listening to her.. " mei ying, u did not get straight A's... but you're resuly is good"... i was like.. damn it! i got only 9A's and 1B... but, whatever.. i'm quite satisfied with my result although others may be better than mine.. whatever.. haha... it was good after all... i prayed for strength, He gave me... i prayed for perseverance, He gave me... Thank you, My Lord...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Life and Death

Everyone must be thinkin that i am CRAZY because i'm talkin bout death.. i just came across with this documentary... quite interesting because it teaches u to deal with death and everything.. the first thing that the host said was " what is that to be afraid of?" ... well, i asked myself many times.. yea.. what is that to be afraid of? perhaps, we're afraid of life after death.. its either HELL or HEAVEN... haha.. everyone wanted to be in heaven.. who doesn't? but its not that easy to be in heaven.. its not that u go to church every Sunday, read the bible everyday.. u're going to heaven.. no... there are many more things to do in order to be in heaven.. heeeee... so, everyone.. think about it... has anybody ever thought of donating their organs to somebody else who needed it when they are dead? lol.. i dunno.. perhaps i will.. heeee... what for do you need all those organ when you're going to be buried six feet underground?hehe.. might as well donate it and help others who may needed it... lol.. i noe i'm totally crazy to have thought of all these.... hehe.. believe in God and appreciate everything... and and and LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!! =)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

started to miss this n that....

Best Frens... lol.. True Friends are hard to find.. Appreciate ur frens... =)

I'm Yours!! haha..

me, Vennesa n Rosalind... haha.. syok sama sendiri... =.='''

Miss Tang... haha.. we're doin lab work during chemistry classs.. i still remember this experiment.. saponification.. lol.. havin so much fun at tat time...

The photography session... Kerene (band), Rosalind (GB), me (Girl Guide)

*wow* Vennesa n i look so serious ha... muahahaha...

5 Physics 08' - craziest class ever... muahahaha... i do miss all my classmates... keep in touch ya..

As i've said, life in Segamat was relaxing... and therefore i've done a lot of thinking... erm.. perhaps my future, my frens and my family.. i started to miss my schooling times and my frens and most importantly all those crazy acts tat we had done in school... heeeee.. well, i'm studying in 5 Physics... haha... the craziest class in the entire school.. some teacher may like our class but some just hated us so much which i dunno why...most probably because we do not really give any respond to them when they're teaching... haha.. who cares la.. Zzzz... i do have lots of fun in school coz i'm sittin with the Queen of jokes... introducing Vennesa Choi Ee Venn... haha.. i'm sitting with her.. lol.. She is a very good fren of mine... people in the class always describe us as ' the live in their own world pair'.. yea.. we do live in our own world... we dont really care what's happening around us.. haha.. n we are always abandoned by our group members.. huh.. poor thing.. but good also, because of those abandoning stuff, it just help us to get closer to each other... lol.. luv ya, my fren... we're nt abandoned most of the time though.. hehe.. people will start to come n find us n talk especially Rosalind n Kerene... heee... both of them jus luv our place cox Vennesa n i were sitting in the last place of the first row... really strategic.. hehe... i really miss all those talking sessions... Rosalind will always be our target... heeeee... she'll always be the one tat we'll bully.. not exactly bully.. perhaps teasing her.. haha.. we gave her many nicknames.. e.g. camel gatal, keropok-lind, roslinda, rosline... etc.. n most importantly she's really 'chi dun'... haha.. i miss the chemistry teacher too.. miss tang... i do miss her... hehe.. she's the best teacher i've ever seen... she's like a fren of mine.. i started to miss all her chemistry class n all those experiments...... miss the time when i got scolded by her.. haha.. she always call people ' lady'.. lol.. sounds so cute when she said tat.. n her laughter.. most of time we r laughing at her laughter n not her joke.. we always imitate the way she laughs n talks.. haha... nottie ah..

Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm in Segamat!

havin a durian feast! haha...
Me n Hui Yee... pretty rite?

Me, Hui Yee, n Loke.... =P

This is the country club... heeeee..... =.='''

Well, wat was i supposed to write? erm.. perhaps some happy moments i had in Segamat... hehe.. Let me introduce to u guys.. Segamat is located in the upper part of Johor... The last time when i came here was like 3 years ago... wow.. nvr been here for quite sometime.. hehe... Well, this place had actually brought many happy moments to me especially the club... bt all these had been the past... i can only keep it in my heart.. i guess.. not much difference in Segamat including the club.. hmm.. *disappointing* still the old club without any renovation or upgrade.. hehe.. bt, i've known a bunch of frens here.. they are real nice n fun to talk with.. they are non other than Hui Yee, Loke, Aik Kuan, Angel and Maria... hehe.. nice to meet u all ya! Life in Segamat is really relaxing.. huh.. everyday doing the same old thing.. kind of my routine life.. hehe.. working, badminton, mahjong.. haha.. this is wat we cal life.. kinda enjoying too especially the mahjong session.. muahahaha.. other than Segamat.. I went to Melaka too.. hehe.. Hui Yee suggested that.. kinda cool ha.. we went there for shopping and lepak there.. hehe.. erm.. we went to Mahkota Parade n Dataran Pahlawan.. n Kota A Famosa too... muahahaha... actually, Loke said wanna go to the Eye On Malaysia.. yea.. Eye On Malaysia is now in Melaka.. bt, we dun hav much time.. we prefer shopping... lol.. really happy on tat day.. enjoying myself so much man.. hehe.. after coming back form Melaka.. We went to the railway station in Segamat.. there's a famous nasi lemak stall la.. hehe.. people told me about it,.. and off we went.. hehe.. yea.. its really delicious.. so, everyone.. if u happen to come to Segamat, try the nasi lemak.. hehe.. i think that's enough for this post... lol.. once again nice to meet u all, my new frens.. muax.. =)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year Eve

New Year Eve... nothin so special to me.. it might be special to somebody else... i've been puking for the whole day... huh.. =.=''' which i dunno wat's wrong with me.. damn... at nite.. i've nothin to do.. sitting there watchin tv with my baby nephew, Ethan... like he understands anything.. muahahaha.. Kerene call a zillion times asking me out.. haha.. i told her i was real lazy.. bt she still insisted on calling me out.. so, FI-NE.. i went out.. Hou Hou n kerene came and fetch me around 9 somethin.. cant really remember the time.. heeeee.. then, we went to McD, the usual lepak place for us... we just went there for drive-thru.. alright, something funny happening here.. After ordering McFlurry n Sundae cone.. we had to pay.. haha..
Hou Hou : OMG! this girl again... She'll be here as the cashier whenever i came here for
Drive Thru... huh... =.='''

Me n Kerene : Eh, good la.. mayb she'll be wondering y r u always here for Drive Thru..
hahahaha... * grinning *

then, kerene n i was like laughing non stop man.. its really funny when u see Hou Hou's reaction.. haha... after Drive Thru, we went to Polly Watta to meet Jo Ann.. when we reach there, we were so reluctant to get down of the car.. Kerene says there a lot of BLT... muahahaha... we jus call Jo Ann and ask her whether wan to follow us to long kai anot.. she says ok but she wants to go Drive Thru McD... huh... again... Hou Hou is going to meet the girl again.. muahahaha... funny.. after driving Jo An bk to Polly Watta.. we had no other place to go.. we went to En Fang's house... can't believe tat i actually celebrated my new year eve in his house... * speechless* when we got there, they went out edi... we served ourselves.. haha... there's a barbeque party in his house. lol.. we ended up plalying cho dai di.. haha.. i won every round.. muahahaha.. Philip was like, walao so geng ah... haha.. he always lose to me.. lol.. no offence ya, Philip.. after several rounds, i gave my place to hui bing.. lol.. havin so much fun with they all.. thanks to Kerene, You Wei, Boon, Philip n hui bing...

Lastly, wishing everyone.....