Friday, December 26, 2008

LIFEgame 08' - Photo Album =)

And And And.... Introducing the Gila Gang... haha... There's me, Chun Siang, Khoon Yen, Robin, Rosalind, Vennesa, Evelyn, Zhen Yan, Zhuan Khai, Weil Shiun n...... haha... can't remember their name... lol.. NICE TO MEET U ALL .. =)

This is Zhuan Khai... He's my husband in LIFEgame... muahahaha... he's cute n blurr i guess... we wanna give birth to a baby.. but too bad the doctor says i'm not pregnant... muahahaha.. funny rite?? so, if u wanna noe more.. go LIFEgame... lol..

This is my BOSS in LIFEgame... He's d best boss i've ever seen... muahahaha.. he fired me at first but yau hired me back wor.. lol.. oh ya, he's Zhen Yick... so, everyone if u ever go to LIFEgame work with him... muahahaha... =P

This is Yong Xiang... he's Rosalind's husband.. but, they did not get married.. haha.. Yong Xiang was searching everywhere for Rosalind.. tak tau mane dia pergi la.. at last, he got married with another girl... =.=''' btw, he's oso my kai sai lou... he's now studying in Singapore.. lol.. wish u luck ya, didi!! =)

This is the principal of LIFEgame 08'.. his name is Hun Pin.. he's real cute n most importantly he's super good in acting.. lol.. i think he can claimed an oscar award for himself.. lol.. =)

Introducing my best best best fren... she'd Vennesa Choi or mainly known as Xiao Po.. haha.. she has extra n abnormally high imaginative level.. n most importantly she's d QUEEN OF COLD JOKES!! she always told me jokes which sometimes really pissed me off.. lol.. but anyway, i'll missed u, my dear fren..

GUESS WHAT?? this is our graduation hat... hehe... our cute n special graduation hat... its made of paper summore... geng leh?? lol.. we hav to wear it on our graduation nite right after we had taken our examination... =)

Who's that? y so blurr wan?? lol... Chun Siang la.. haha.. who else oh..

This is Chun Siang... don't u all think he looks a lil bit like Swee Lim... haha... both of them look the same when they smile... muahahaha.. lim, i've found your twin... lol.. =P
= These are the photos tat i would like to share with u all... ENJOY EVERYONE =

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