Sunday, December 7, 2008


Finally, everything is OVER! SPM's over, everything is over... my burden had been lighten every single day.. many things had happened these few days.. happy memories, sad memories, everything.. how should i describe my feeling? i dun really know.. i'd done something tat i had not tried in my life.. unfortunately, i failed badly... bt, at the same time i'm happy too because i finally have the courage to do this.. haha.. =) i may be sad for a few days but after all i had gained all the experiences n at least i had learn something... n thanx to my best frens kerene, vennesa, evelyn n poh sheen... thanx to u guys for being by my side n support me.. hehe.. we may not c each other tat often after spm.. some maybe travelling, some maybe working part time n some maybe taking up courses.. bt,i'll remember u all forever.. all those crazy acts tat we did in skool n those hang outs were real AWESOME!! =) haha.. today is poh sheen's birthday.. i just came back from her birthday party.. havin real much fun there.. all those chit-chatting n karaoke session.. really enjoyed ourselves so much there especially the FISHBALL.. we were eating fishball all the time.. lol.. n we met a cute n sporting kid.. his name is su yuan.. he's just 7 yrs old.. he's so cute.. haha.. ABC, I LOVE YOU!! i'll remember tat su yuan..

happy birthday to you!! hehe.. i'm sorry cox i did not prepare a present for u.. sorry ya. hehe.. i'll give u d present later.. muahahaha.. thanx 4 inviting me to ur birthday party wor.. thank you.. all d bestz in everything n may all ur dreams cum true.. may u n XXX cn b together... hehe.. =P muax.. luv ya, my fren....

after poh sheen's party, its the nervous time for someone... she's going to confess to the guy tat she like.. haha.. wanna noe what's d ending? they did not end up together/.. u may think its sad, bt its not.. it turned out to be something sweet, i guess... the guy told the girl tat he admire his attitude n told her tat she is a good person.. haha.. is jus tat both of them prefer to b single.. tats y they ended up to b single.. haha.. someday, both of them will hav their true luv n same to eveyone.. u'll find ur TRUE LOVE one day.. its the time tat matters... =)

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