Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve

You can see this when u're up there... i know.. its kinda blurr.. lol.. =P
Bread & Olive Cafe

How should i describe my feeling? erm.. kinda sad because i was not able to celebrate it with my best frens... i'm sorry my fren.. i was in KL n i am so sorry to Vennesa because she invited me to her house for house warming + Christmas celebration... hmm... i celebrated my christmas in LOOK OUT POINT... its some kind of like those hill top thingy... we went up the hill along the Ampang Road i guess.. then, we parked our car.. quite far away from our destination.. lol.. we have to walk up the hill... sounds like a marathon ha? yea.. it is.. my legs was like aching.. =.=''' once u're up there, it is all worth... trust me!! when we got up there, wow... there were so many people.. My God.. we can hardly find a place to sit.. everyone was like shouting n dancing away.. kinda enjoying oso.. lol.. Finally, we found a place in Bread & Olive Cafe... haha.. the scenery up there was real nice.. u can see the whole KL view up there n its really breezy up there... hehe.. =) Then, Sherena start to complain tat she's starving.. so, we ordered chicken pepperoni pizza.. muahahaha... fantastic!! lol.. i still enjoy myself anyway... May all of us be reminded of the birth of Jesus Christ who loves us... May we all open our hearts to spread God's word and love for us

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