Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve

You can see this when u're up there... i know.. its kinda blurr.. lol.. =P
Bread & Olive Cafe

How should i describe my feeling? erm.. kinda sad because i was not able to celebrate it with my best frens... i'm sorry my fren.. i was in KL n i am so sorry to Vennesa because she invited me to her house for house warming + Christmas celebration... hmm... i celebrated my christmas in LOOK OUT POINT... its some kind of like those hill top thingy... we went up the hill along the Ampang Road i guess.. then, we parked our car.. quite far away from our destination.. lol.. we have to walk up the hill... sounds like a marathon ha? yea.. it is.. my legs was like aching.. =.=''' once u're up there, it is all worth... trust me!! when we got up there, wow... there were so many people.. My God.. we can hardly find a place to sit.. everyone was like shouting n dancing away.. kinda enjoying oso.. lol.. Finally, we found a place in Bread & Olive Cafe... haha.. the scenery up there was real nice.. u can see the whole KL view up there n its really breezy up there... hehe.. =) Then, Sherena start to complain tat she's starving.. so, we ordered chicken pepperoni pizza.. muahahaha... fantastic!! lol.. i still enjoy myself anyway... May all of us be reminded of the birth of Jesus Christ who loves us... May we all open our hearts to spread God's word and love for us

Friday, December 26, 2008

LIFEgame 08' - Photo Album =)

And And And.... Introducing the Gila Gang... haha... There's me, Chun Siang, Khoon Yen, Robin, Rosalind, Vennesa, Evelyn, Zhen Yan, Zhuan Khai, Weil Shiun n...... haha... can't remember their name... lol.. NICE TO MEET U ALL .. =)

This is Zhuan Khai... He's my husband in LIFEgame... muahahaha... he's cute n blurr i guess... we wanna give birth to a baby.. but too bad the doctor says i'm not pregnant... muahahaha.. funny rite?? so, if u wanna noe more.. go LIFEgame... lol..

This is my BOSS in LIFEgame... He's d best boss i've ever seen... muahahaha.. he fired me at first but yau hired me back wor.. lol.. oh ya, he's Zhen Yick... so, everyone if u ever go to LIFEgame work with him... muahahaha... =P

This is Yong Xiang... he's Rosalind's husband.. but, they did not get married.. haha.. Yong Xiang was searching everywhere for Rosalind.. tak tau mane dia pergi la.. at last, he got married with another girl... =.=''' btw, he's oso my kai sai lou... he's now studying in Singapore.. lol.. wish u luck ya, didi!! =)

This is the principal of LIFEgame 08'.. his name is Hun Pin.. he's real cute n most importantly he's super good in acting.. lol.. i think he can claimed an oscar award for himself.. lol.. =)

Introducing my best best best fren... she'd Vennesa Choi or mainly known as Xiao Po.. haha.. she has extra n abnormally high imaginative level.. n most importantly she's d QUEEN OF COLD JOKES!! she always told me jokes which sometimes really pissed me off.. lol.. but anyway, i'll missed u, my dear fren..

GUESS WHAT?? this is our graduation hat... hehe... our cute n special graduation hat... its made of paper summore... geng leh?? lol.. we hav to wear it on our graduation nite right after we had taken our examination... =)

Who's that? y so blurr wan?? lol... Chun Siang la.. haha.. who else oh..

This is Chun Siang... don't u all think he looks a lil bit like Swee Lim... haha... both of them look the same when they smile... muahahaha.. lim, i've found your twin... lol.. =P
= These are the photos tat i would like to share with u all... ENJOY EVERYONE =

Saturday, December 13, 2008

LIFEgame 08'

i just came back from LIFEgame.. haha.. i was having so much fun there!! everyone out there u mus never miss LIFEgame.. this was the best camp i had ever been.. this camp really taught me a lot of things... well, i'm gonna write on my experience n story.. muahahaha... LIFEgame was held in the engineering campus of USM from 10 dec to 13 dec.. There are five of us going to this camp which include ME, Rosalind, Vennesa, Evelyn and Jacqueline... haha.. we started our journey at 9 am n reach butterworth around 2 something.. then we took a bus to parit buntar n reach USM around 3 something... we're real late n we missed all the ice breaking n grouping.. i was in CENTRAL PARK EAST.. when i walked towards the group, i was kinda scare because i dunno any of them... i went into the group bt no one talked to me cox everyone was busy preparing for the ' sports day' .. lolx.. thank GOD there's a girl who came to talk to me n i dun feel tat awkward again.. lol.. first day of camp nt really fun n in fact i'm bored.. no ppl to talk with.. haha.. then at nite we mus take examination in order to dcide our occupation. we're going to work.. i only manage to get diploma because i don hav enough money to take the examination... lolx.. then, on the second day, we started wit praise n worship.. as usual.. then the lifegame started.. everyone in FREE CITY were busy finding jobs.. i started workin as a cashier in photo studio.. first round nothin special because not much people getting married in the first round. haha.. after the first round its the life check.. our prestige level will be increased by every round.. depends on how rich n how much properties u have.. i got fired in the second round.. huh.. =.=''' finding a new job was really hard.. running n searching everywhere... huh.. den i got a job as a reporter in news network.. haha.. finally.. Besides all these working life n life checks... i've came to know a bunch of new frens... they are real cute n funny too.. really enjoy talkin to them.. lolx.. =P who r they?? they r Zhuan Khai, Khoon Yen, Yong Siang, Chun Siang, Jen Jaung.. did i miss anyone's name??

its really nice to meet all of u.. u all r funny n fun to talk with... muahahaha... may GOD blessed u all the time n b by ur side... KEEP IN TOUCH n hope we can meet each other again in the future... haha.. never 4get me ya.. lol.. =p

den i'm married to Zhuan Khai.. haha.. he's cute n both of us were real blurr in tat camp.. we wanna get married bt 4got to buy our wedding ring.. haha.. when we wanna register ourselves tat time, we got caught by the police for using the highway because both of us did not have a car license... funny rite?? muahahaha.. we were fined bt that was ok because we hav lots of money.. $$$$.. a lot of ppl gav us money.. muahahaha....

so, to everyone who is reading my blog... u r all welcome to join this LIFEgame to find ur purpose in life.. its the most exciting camp i'd been n i really mean it... if u really wanna join this camp u may log on to for more information... haha..


Sunday, December 7, 2008


Finally, everything is OVER! SPM's over, everything is over... my burden had been lighten every single day.. many things had happened these few days.. happy memories, sad memories, everything.. how should i describe my feeling? i dun really know.. i'd done something tat i had not tried in my life.. unfortunately, i failed badly... bt, at the same time i'm happy too because i finally have the courage to do this.. haha.. =) i may be sad for a few days but after all i had gained all the experiences n at least i had learn something... n thanx to my best frens kerene, vennesa, evelyn n poh sheen... thanx to u guys for being by my side n support me.. hehe.. we may not c each other tat often after spm.. some maybe travelling, some maybe working part time n some maybe taking up courses.. bt,i'll remember u all forever.. all those crazy acts tat we did in skool n those hang outs were real AWESOME!! =) haha.. today is poh sheen's birthday.. i just came back from her birthday party.. havin real much fun there.. all those chit-chatting n karaoke session.. really enjoyed ourselves so much there especially the FISHBALL.. we were eating fishball all the time.. lol.. n we met a cute n sporting kid.. his name is su yuan.. he's just 7 yrs old.. he's so cute.. haha.. ABC, I LOVE YOU!! i'll remember tat su yuan..

happy birthday to you!! hehe.. i'm sorry cox i did not prepare a present for u.. sorry ya. hehe.. i'll give u d present later.. muahahaha.. thanx 4 inviting me to ur birthday party wor.. thank you.. all d bestz in everything n may all ur dreams cum true.. may u n XXX cn b together... hehe.. =P muax.. luv ya, my fren....

after poh sheen's party, its the nervous time for someone... she's going to confess to the guy tat she like.. haha.. wanna noe what's d ending? they did not end up together/.. u may think its sad, bt its not.. it turned out to be something sweet, i guess... the guy told the girl tat he admire his attitude n told her tat she is a good person.. haha.. is jus tat both of them prefer to b single.. tats y they ended up to b single.. haha.. someday, both of them will hav their true luv n same to eveyone.. u'll find ur TRUE LOVE one day.. its the time tat matters... =)