Wednesday, November 26, 2008

blurry me...

its been a long time since the last time i've updated my blog... was busy preparing for SPM. urgh~~ I'M EXHAUSTED! 3 more days to go. jus 3 more days, i can throw all my books out... i can delete all the complicated physics n chemistry thingy out of my mind... muahahaha.. all those things had been bugging me for 2 years.. at last.. last paper is on d 1st of dec.. bt, all those study mood jus start to disappear from me... i hated to sit in front of d study table n study.. huh.. =.=''' i went to vennesa's house yterday for sleepover... muahahaha.. it was FUN. We jus love sleepover.. haha.. =) all the pillow talks and movies session.. lol.. pillow talk is the most enjoyable session... we talked n shared everything.. guys, clothes, heels n most importantly VENNESA'S LAME JOKES!! huh.. her cold jokes jus pissed me off... no offence ya vennesa.. bt it was LAME.. lol.. jus cant remember wt she said because i was nt really listening.. was too tired.. haha... we woke up at 8.. real early for me.. hmph.. bt, i'm havin fun anyway... =P

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