Friday, September 26, 2008

tiring day =.='"

where have i been today?? huh.. it's a tiring day for me!! i went out for the whole day.. whole day man after been drowned in the trial period.. FINALLY, IT'S ALL OVER! lol.. we were planning to go breakfast today.. fiona suggested 7.30... hmph.. real early. but, her mum drove the car out and we had no car with us. tat's why we had to cancel it.. i was like so beria-ia to go and eat wantan mee as wat fiona suggested... unfortunately, i ended up sleeping.. haha.. =) then at 11 a.m., huei ying fetch us to karaoke.. imagine, i went for karaoke at 11 a.m.. first time in my life.. haha.. bt, anyway we had real fun there. there's Me, Vennesa, Huei Ying, Sin Ink, Mei Kit, Zhi Yin (papa), Kerene n lastly Weng Lee... i sang quite a number of songs... mostly, jay chou's song because i loved him so much!! lol.. then, i went to bazaar ramadhan with fiona, rene n venn.... lol.. we bought ayam percik.. n SATE.. rene's fav.. we had pillow talk too after that.. real FUN!! without resting, i went out with huei ying again coz she dun hav dinner... so chamz.. haha... we went to T-Corner!! after T-Corner, went for some ' long kai' session, huh... real tired.. i'm exhausted!! haha... bt, i stil hav lots of fun at the end of the day... muax.. luv u all!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

= MY SWEET 17 =

i jus started blogging recently.. to be exact its TODAY!! * Grinning* Well, i so wan to write on my birthday.. this is the most memorable birthday party that i had in my life. i guess.. thank you so much to my frens.. i luv u all.. well, it all started from kerene n vennesa.. they planned n threw tis surprise birthday party for me.. i was kinda pissed on tat nite because fiona said she's goin to fetch me at 8 something bt she ended up comin at 9 somethin.. huh.. i was grumbling.. i had my birthday party in KBOX, Angsoka Hotel.. we had about ten people or should we called it TABLE FOR 10? who are those 10 lucky ones? at first, i thought it would be only kerene n vennesa celebrating with me.. who knows?? haha.. once i open d door, i saw rosalind.. ROSALIND!! can u believe it?? da well known curfew girl is there.. wahahaha... table for 10 which include ME, Kerene, Hou Hou, Vennesa, Wah Kheng, En Fang, Fiona, Sing Wong, Rosalind and Swee Lim.... cant believe they were there too.. huh... we were singing and dancing on the sofa for the whole nite.. really enjoyed ourselves although we're all drowned in the middle of trials.. haha.. there were real funny things happened tat nite. bt, i will nt tell out.. haha... jz keep it in my heart.. lol.. Kerene n Fiona, UNDERSTAND wat i'm trying to say? we even went shoe-less.. i had american chocolate as my birthday cake n there were relighting candles which kinda pissed me off.. bt i was enjoying myself after all.. LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!! we went home at about 1 something tat nite.. my mum was like nagging me the moment i stepped into the house.. bt, who cares after u had so much fun with ur fres?? haha.. i love u all my frens.. loves n hugs to u all!! Muax =P